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do all you can to add longevity to your body,
keep your mind sharp,
nurture the love and grace of your spirit,
that is the mind set at LifeGiving."

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LifeGiving Apothecary

Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends in our own Askotiris Family extra virgin carrier olive oil from the Peloponnese of Greece.

Blends for:
Muscular Pain - ACHY BREAKY
Relaxation - EUPHORIA
Cleansing - GUARDIAN
Cold & Flu - OUT COLD

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About Freda

Born in a rural town of Vartholomio in the Pelopponese of Greece, Freda and her family immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1950’s. The end of WWII led immediately into the Greek Civil War, after which many Greeks left their roots for the America, the land of opportunity. Sponsored by a great uncle, Freda, her brother James, and parents Dennis and Nina, arrived in Chicago by way of Ellis Island. It was a time of assimilation. Aphrodite became Freda. Dimitrios became James. Dionisios became Dennis and Nikolitsia became Nina. Like many other Greek immigrants of the era, Dennis and Nina found themselves most comfortable in the restaurant business, where they could be their own boss!

Attending an inner city High School during the Martin Luther King era made for valued experiences that define who Freda became as a person. A graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, IL with her Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology, she later continued her human studies at Swami Rama’s Himilayan Institute, school of Yoga Psychology and Philosophy in Glendale, IL. The two books that most influenced her are Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, and In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky. It is no surprise that today it is still the combination of those principals that move her, the “meditation in action” state of mind.

At the end 1981, during one of Chicago’s landmark blizzards, and a prime rate of 21% Freda relocated to Los Angeles. If you’ve seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you would know that leaving a Greek family to live at the opposite end of the country was not a decision made lightly. Although Jim and his son Denis reside in Chicago to this day, Dennis and Nina eventually made the move to Los Angeles, where like in the movie, Freda and her parents lived happily next door to each other. Her principal occupation in business was in the field of residential real estate and the mortgage finance industry spanning 35 years. Thirty years in Los Angeles, with five of those on the financing side of film production.

Currently, Freda resides in Blacksburg, Virginia, home to Virginia Tech. This university town is shared by people from all parts of the world. A microcosm of shared cultures surrounded by a vastly green and pastoral countryside. Happy to be part of the rural scene, she feels well suited with Marino Colmano in their new business, an organic Farm and Garden Supply. She makes regular visits to the Pelopponese, maintaining the family home and the olive grove her parents planted in the early 1950’s.

A personal note from Freda:

The LifeGiving website is dedicated to the memory of my mother and father. Dad had his bedroom dresser lined with bottles of herbs long before alternative medicine hit mainstream. He ate whole garlic cloves raw! He would be the guy to strap a full sized refrigerator to his back and walk it down two flights of stairs. He was an outdoorsman, a hunter, a fisherman and amazingly strong. He died in February of 2001, his age documented at 84. Truth be know, he lied about his age and was by all accounts 92! Zorba had nothing on my dad. He didn’t rob the cradle exactly, but mom was 19 when they wed and he nearer to 35 than not. The astonishing beauty that she was, it’s no wonder he did not let her get away. He was striking in his army uniform, swept her off her feet from the big city of Patras to his family village Vartholomio, where my brother and I were born. My mother was a natural care giver. She died at the age of 74 from Pancreatic Cancer in November of 2002. She never got over my dad’s death and grieved for him to the day she died.

My great interest in humanity and in what it means to be human, I owe to them.

© 2008 Freda Ascot