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adding longevity to our bodies,
keeping our minds sharp, while nurturing
the love and grace of our spirit.

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LifeGiving Apothecary

Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends in our own Askotiris Family extra virgin carrier olive oil from the Peloponnese of Greece.

Blends for:
Muscular Pain - ACHY BREAKY
Relaxation - EUPHORIA
Cleansing - GUARDIAN
Cold & Flu - OUT COLD


Like many others, I believe that every person has cancer cells in their body and that these cancer cells are kept in check by a strong immune system.




The supplements that follow are in the order of
their importance to my own health regime.

I begin the day with a drink of KEFIR due to the importance I place on probiotics, and a healthy intestinal tract.

Krill Oil. This oil contains a natural blend of phospholipids,
antioxidants and omega-3 bonded together in a way that
keeps them safe from oxidation and easily absorbed in
the body. This is what makes neptune krill oil effective in
a very low one-a-day dose and different from every other
marine oil in the market.

Ellagic Insurance Formula

Coral Calcium

Essiac Tea

Maitake mushrooms

Support the natural release of adult stem cells with
Stem Enhance

Detox with Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense from heavy
metals, pollutants, toxins, chemicals, as well as processed
foods and refined sugars, support the immune systems and balance your body's pH.

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