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Teach, learn and attain respect for life, kindness and caring, through relationships with animals.



Teach our children respect for life by loving and caring for an animal. Decrease the number of orphaned animals on our streets by taking responsibility, spay your pets and adopt homeless animals rather than buy from a shop.

The American Humane Association’s Every Day is Tag Day™ kicks off this year on Saturday, April 5. Each year, millions of cherished pets get lost and end up in the care of animal shelters. But sadly, many are never reunited with their families. To help fight this problem, American Humane encourages pet owners to provide pets with an ID tag.

Make sure your pet wears a collar with an ID tag, rabies vaccination tag and city license. Include a contact name, address, and daytime and evening phone number. Consider providing a phone number for an alternate contact like a neighbor or family member, in case you can’t be reached. And don’t forget to update your pet’s tags when you move. Also consider microchipping your pet to increase the likelihood that you and he will be reunited if he is ever lost.

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